Festive cheer with Top 30 baby names

Crochet baby shoes on a washing line

I worked with Health & Parenting on a fun news story  to bring 2016 to a close. H&P analysed data from their flagship product Pregnancy+ to compile the top 30 most popular baby names for Christmas 2016.

T’was the season to be jolly, so it was only fitting that Noah and Ava topped the list of names. A total of nine Bible-inspired boy names and five girl names made it into the Top 30 names for festive babies due between 22nd December 2016 and 3rd January 2017.

  • For boys: Noah (no.1), Jacob (no.5), Ethan (no.11), Lucas (no.14), Isaac (No.16), Caleb (No.21), Elijah (no.24) and Joshua (no.25).
  • For girls: Ava (No.1), Evie (No.5), Eva (no.16), Mia (short for Miriam on No.8), Grace (No.10).

John Miles, co-founder of Health & Parenting, the developer of Pregnancy+, said: “Long-time favourites Oliver and Amelia have been knocked back into the number 2 spot for babies due over the festive season. And that is not surprising. Christmas babies are nothing short of a miracle with 25th and 26th December the least likely days to give birth. I suspect that many prospective parents are harking back to biblical times to handpick names that have clearly stood the test of time for their own wonder babies.

Huffington Post UK and Corporate Dad blog covered the story in great detail. The release was also picked up by 31 local and regional papers.