Media relations

Media relations

Public relations and communications is a powerful tool when it comes to increasing exposure for your business and building trust. PR uses third-party influencers – print and online media, bloggers for example – to tell your story, adding credibility that is simply impossible to achieve with advertising.

Think like a publisher, not a marketer (David Scott)

We work closely with you to unearth the amazing personal and business experiences that are just waiting to be told. We will turn these experiences into stories that pique the interest of your audience: media, customers and peers alike.

We have a great understanding of the general, business, startup and tech media in the UK and the Netherlands and will build strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships between your organisation and the key journalists within your sector.

Key features:
  • Media / press target list development
  • Journalist relations & meetings
  • Media monitoring (topics / outlets / journalists)
  • Pitching – news, features, profiles, commentary
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