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Health Innovation Exchange supports Oh My Mood to develop their mental health programmes

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Mental health company Oh My Mood are developing their blended care pathways programme for the UK market, with support from the Health Innovation Exchange (HIE) project.

Oh My Mood, who this year chose Liverpool as its UK base, work with clinicians, universities to make evidence-based blended care pathways available to mental health therapists and service users in order to make mental health support more effective and accessible.

Their modular approach to mental health care means that the programme can be tailored and adapted to each individual service user. By developing digital solutions to support face-to-face therapies their blended care approach aims to make mental health therapy more efficient thereby easing the strain on health practitioners.

HIE partner Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is working with Oh My Mood by introducing them to the Improving Access to the Psychological Therapies (IAPT) team who provide evidence-based psychological therapies to people with mental health problems. IAPT are working with Oh My Mood on evaluating and assessing their innovative care pathways for the UK market.

LJMU is also linking their postgraduate students with Oh My Mood to help run a series of seminars on mental health across the City Region. Already a success in other cities including Maastricht, the Netherlands, Psychology Unwrapped are scientifically based events around mental health care topics designed to remove the stigma around mental health by creating awareness and openness to talk about these issues.

Jaime Essed, founder and CEO of Oh My Mood, said:

“Blended care, where traditional therapies and the latest eHealth methods are seamlessly integrated in mental health care pathways, is a relatively new concept. After only using evidence-based methodologies during the development phase, we were very excited to be introduced to LJMU through the Health Innovation Exchange programme. With the IAPT team as our research partner, we will set out to rigorously evaluate, assess and provide evidence that our blended care pathways provide high-quality, affordable and future-proof mental health care that benefit service users worldwide.”

Grahame Smith, Reader in Mental Health at Liverpool John Moores University, said:

“Oh My Mood is driving innovation in the mental healthcare sector and I am thrilled that the Health Innovation Exchange project has been able to offer support and close collaborations with academia to help them further develop their programmes.”

Looking ahead, Oh My Mood will be looking to implement their blended care pathways with a number of UK mental health trusts and also have plans to make their solutions available in other European markets.

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Rocking our PR expertise in the Rockstart AI accelerator programme


We are beyond excited to be part of the Rockstart AI accelerator programme as a marketing & communications expertise mentor.

Netherlands-based Rockstart recently announced its second cohort of Artificial Intelligence startups embarking on a six-month programme to build or refine their products, connect with potential investors and customers and take their startups to the next level.

“The mentors will support and guide the startups chosen for this year’s program through the challenges of technology and business development.”

The nine startups taking part in the Rockstart AI 2018 programme are:

Agrex AI (India) – transforms visual data into actionable business intelligence. It allows users to count customers and identify them by age and gender. Through this retailers gain valuable intelligence to better understand what merchandise to stock its stores. Agrex Video content analysis (AVCA) allows users to automatically analyse video to detect and determine events in real time.

Cramstack (Bangladesh) – provides a natural language-driven interface that analyses and visualizes data with which it learns from a users behaviour. This eliminates the software learning curve seen in other Business Intelligence platforms. Cramstack can be connected with multiple data sources, which provides a smart analytics ecosystem that automatically models data to facilitate insights generation.

Element 13 (France) – is a machine learning add-on for data providers such as Elasticsearch, InfluxData’s and TICK stack. It uses CLI to create, train and manage users machine learning jobs, as well as provides an API embed machine learning directly into users own application. Its mission is to facilitate AI technology adoption with the fastest time to market. It does this by removing the complexity involved with Tensorflow, allowing software developers to learn ML quickly and produce reliable results for their business.

Footty (Ukraine) – uses image recognition AI technology to create high-quality foot scans and make an accurate shoe fit prediction based only on feet photos and sales data. This ensures people have the correct shoe fit. It can be used by offline and online retailers, without any application or hardware required.

Medvice (the Netherlands) – uses neural networks to aid doctors in their decisions and speed up the consultation process. Medvice AI gradually learns and processes better and smart solutions to help improve care. With this AI technology Medvice consultation will be safer while reducing waiting times and being cost efficient.

Pixyle (Macedonia) – the platform uses AI to train machines to recognise garments in images. The platform then performs similarity matching of the clothes in an image with the clothes of all sustainable brands that it collaborates with. Through this, it gives recommendations on where to buy the item. This makes identifying consumers taste and showing them where to buy products from sustainable brands effortless.

Sentetic (Italy) – works with any equipment connected sensors, it extracts data directly from a users database or enterprise asset management system. It uses existing historical data to do a multitude of tasks from identifying unseen anomalies to scheduling tasks based on priority classes. The predictive engine analyzes and builds a forecasting model of operating condition, compares real-time data and notifies OSS if there is an anomaly.

Taktify (Iran) – offers users a smart social media post management solution through AI, removing the need for media experts. By using both text data mining and image recognition it is able to provide companies valuable insights into customer feedback, profiles, and preferences. Taktify is supported by two talented Iranian women breaking the glass ceiling in their region.

Xane AI (India) – an AI chatbot for companies to use for employee management. It acts as an assistant for CEO’s and through AI and machine learning is able to interact with employees on the CEO’s belief. Xane AI chatbot is able to interact with employees of organizations any collaboration platform the company uses.

You can read the full blog post on the Rockstart website here;

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Well PR client Oh My Mood

A big welcome to Oh My Mood UK

Well PR client Oh My Mood


A big welcome to new client Oh My Mood UK Ltd, a new digital health company founded by Dutch national Jaime Essed. Well PR has been tasked to help build their brand and raise awareness within the UK market using media relations and content creation.

Jaime and his team want to shake up mental health provision by introducing a ‘blended care’ approach to make mental health care more effective and easily accessible.  When three in four mental illnesses start in childhood, yet 75 per cent of young people with mental health problems don’t receive the treatment they need, it’s not difficult to see how Oh My Mood can make a difference.

As a mental health interventions provider, Oh My Mood develops blended care pathways, where digital solutions support face-to-face therapies. This approach improves the quality of care and makes mental health therapy scalable and more efficient. It additionally eases the strain on care practitioners without adding pressure on NHS budgets.

The company will work with clinicians, universities and digital health platforms globally to make evidence-based blended care pathways available to large audiences of mental health therapists and service users.

Oh My Mood has based itself in the North West of England as its base because the region provides easy access to some of the UK’s best research universities.

Naturally, we introduced Oh My Mood to the local and digital health press and achieved coverage in BDaily, Click Liverpool, Digital Health Age, Invest Liverpool and The Journal of mHealth amongst others.

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Ik zoek een PR bureau in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Ik zoek een PR bureau in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Ik zoek een PR bureau in het Verenigd Koninkrijk

Ik zoek een pr bureau in het verenigd koninkrijk

Je hebt een leuk en succesvol bedrijf en de volgende stap is internationaal uitbreiden naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Of misschien ben je al internationaal actief en is nu de tijd aangebroken om je beter te profileren door middel van public relations. Maar waar begin je met zoeken?
Hier zijn vijf suggesties om het juiste PR bureau te vinden binnen het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Het is natuurlijk een optie om zelf de PR en marketing in hand te houden, maar niet elk bedrijf heeft hier de mankracht voor. En ondanks dat Nederlanders befaamd zijn om hun uitstekende Engelse talenkennis, vaak is men onbekender met de dagelijkse omgangstaal of uitdrukkingen die een persbericht of artikel net wat meer ‘oomph’ geven. Het is wellicht efficiënter en goedkoper om public relations and communicatie uit te besteden aan een PR bureau (of freelancer/zzp-er) in het land zelf.

Voordat je überhaupt begint met zoeken, is het belangrijk om de doelstellingen te bepalen. Wat wil je met PR in het Verenigd Koninkrijk bereiken? Gaat het om een vrij kort lanceringsproject of is er juist een langere campagne nodig om het profiel van het bedrijf en leiders te verhogen? Wil je een nieuw product in de markt zetten en ben je op zoek naar creatieve ideeën? Of is het beter om de issues rondom een bepaald probleem aan te kaak te stellen? En wat is het budget? Een internationaal PR bureau inhuren geeft een heel ander kostenplaatje dan een eenmansbedrijf. Als je weet wat jouw bedrijf nodig heeft, wordt de volgende stap binnen de zoektocht wat makkelijker.


Benut je bestaande netwerken, in real life en natuurlijk op het Internet. Vraag familie, collega’s, klanten, ex-studentenvrienden en wie dan ook of zij iemand kunnen aanbevelen. Sommige PR bureaus hebben een samenwerkingsverband met buitenlandse bureaus dus leg de vraag zeker neer bij je huidige Nederlandse PR adviseurs. En dan zijn er natuurlijk de andere social channels, met name LinkedIn en Twitter. Gooi de vraag in de groep en gebruik de juiste #hashtags om ook diegenen buiten jouw bestaande netwerk te bereiken.


Just Google it! Maar weest niet volledig afhankelijk van of In het VK wordt vooral gebruikt en dan krijg je toch echt hele andere zoekresultaten te zien. Typ de juiste zoektermen, bijv. , of eventueel samen met jouw sector (, , …) voor de beste resultaten. Google is ook erg handig als je op zoek bent naar een PR bureau in een bepaalde stad of regio. Helaas is dit voor Londen minder effectief omdat er werkelijk honderden bureaus en freelancers in de stad actief zijn.


De Ambassade in Londen heeft een uitstekende economische afdeling die steun kan bieden bij internationaal zaken doen tussen Nederland en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Ze zullen geen specifieke bureaus aanbevelen, maar zijn volledig ingesteld om Nederlandse bedrijven te begeleiden en in de juiste richting te sturen. Zit je nu toevallig in het noorden van Engeland dan kan NBSO Manchester uitkomst bieden. Het is een handelskantoor van de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland ( dat nauw samenwerkt met het economisch team in het VK. Meer informatie is hier te vinden: Holland UK Trade

  • De CIPR, ofwel Chartered Institute for Public Relations, heeft een ledenlijst van individuele PR-adviseurs.
  • De PRCA, ofwel Public Relations and Communications Association, heeft een ledenlijst van PR bureaus.

Het is wel handig om te weten dat lidmaatschap niet verplicht is, dus er zullen genoeg fantastische adviseurs (zzp-ers) en bureaus zijn dit niet op deze lijsten staan.

En vergeet ook zeker PR Week niet. Hét vakblad voor de Britse PR sector, waar nieuws, cases en ‘league tables’ een goed beeld schetsen, vooral als het gaat om de wat grotere bureaus. Ben je nou juist op zoek naar iets kleiners, dan is het op z’n minst een goed punt om te kijken wat voor soort campagne’s juist wel – en juist niet – binnen deze markt aanslaan.

Als het goed is, heb je nu zoveel PR bureaus dat je waarschijnlijk door de bomen het bos niet meer ziet! Het echte werk begint dus nu. Kijk op de websites van de bureaus. Wat voor gevoel krijg je erbij? Bekijk de blog en cases – bevalt het werk en de toon? Ga een vrijblijvend gesprek aan met de bureaus aanspreken, maar zorg er voor dat je een goede ‘briefing’ hebt (meer hierover in een volgende blog post).

Zijn we iets vergeten? Welke andere tips voor het vinden van een PR bureau in het Verenigd Koninkrijk heb jij? Deel het hieronder. Photo by Mosa Moseneke on Unsplash

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Why you should never ask for copy approval


PR is a powerful tool to strengthen your brand, increase exposure and build trust. It can be tempting to remain in full control of the message and ask for copy approval after a successful interview, but this will go down like a lead balloon.

Just ask Clare Balding and her team who recently faced the scorn of a journalist who felt her integrity was called into question. For the sake of balance, I will add that Clare Balding strongly denies the accusations levelled at her, but interviewees should take notice to avoid ending up in a similar situation.

The power of PR lies in the trust that the reader has in the journalist and the publication.

Asking for copy approval shows that you do not trust the journalist to get it right. At best, the conversation comes to an awkward end. There is a chance that your comments will never see the light of day. The worst case scenario is that you risk alienating the journalist forever, which could be disastrous if you operate in an industry that is covered only by a handful of journalists.

During the course of my career, I have only ever come across one instance where copy approval is acceptable. And that is when the subject matter is highly technical and the journalist offers to send the draft article to the interviewee.

Copy approval is acceptable when the journalist offers to share the article with the interviewee for fact-checking only

Why? Well, the journalist wants to make sure their readers are given the right information. Mistakes or a wrong interpretation could tarnish their and the publication’s authority and reputation. So it makes good editorial sense to ask the expert interviewee to double-check for accuracy.

Alas, this does not mean free reign to change or edit the copy. On the contrary, I always advise my clients to only check for inaccuracies and log them in a separate document or email.

This will also give you a chance to clarify points that are factually correct but could do with a bit more nuance. If and how the journalist incorporates your additional info is of course completely up to them!

To make the most of your journalist interview you need to prepare thoroughly (your public relations advisor can help with that). Know what you can and can’t say and paint the journalist a picture using good examples and explanations. At the end of the interview, when you’ve done all you can, just let go and wait for the article to be published.

Summary points:
  • Never ask to see the copy before it’s published;
  • If the journalist offers to share it, only  check for inaccuracies;
  • Do not make changes to the copy directly;
  • Send suggested changes and other clarifications via email instead.

If you’re not sure how PR can help you, then read our blog post Five reasons why PR matters to your successful business.

If you need help with message development, media training or preparing for media interviews then get in touch with us here.

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